Freedom convoy picks up Water First Go Fund Me campaign

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A Go Fund Me campaign that is being supported by the Truckers Freedom Convoy in Ottawa has raised $740,400 for Creemore-based Water First.

Founder John Millar declined an interview but Water First released the following statement on Jan. 29:

“Water First is thankful for the recent awareness and support we’ve received with respect to addressing water challenges faced by Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

“The GoFundMe campaign, known as Clean Water For Canadians, is an independent, third-party fundraiser with the aim of raising funds for Water First. And we would like to clarify that both Clean Water For Canadians and Water First are not directly or formally affiliated with any movements currently underway in Canada.

“We love receiving support from those who fundraise for Water First with independent third-party initiatives like online campaigns, schools, birthdays, or by running a marathon. While we are the financial beneficiary, we are not directly responsible for, or formally affiliated with, these activities.”

The campaign was launched this week by Megan Howarth.

“If anyone can raise $5 million in one week it should be all Canadians who believe that clean drinking water for Indigenous communities should be our nation’s top priority,” she wrote. “Let’s use our frustration, our anger, our disappointment but also our hope and our love for our beautiful country and show the government and the world what Canadians are capable of.”

She says all the money will go directly to Water First and that the campaign is not affiliated with any other organization.

The campaign was posted to Instagram by at least three Freedom Convoy accounts and has been supported by freedom convoy supporters, some making comments denouncing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for not doing more to address water issues in Indigenous communities.

The Echo reached out to the Go Fund Me campaign organizer but we have not heard back. Howard did report that Water First asked her to close the campaign, which she has done.

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