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In response to a plan to actively market Creemore as a motorcycle destination, the BIA has said it welcomes visitors by any conveyance but understanding resident concerns, would rather not be part of a direct marketing strategy.
“The BIA appreciates the efforts of Simcoe County and Clearview in promoting Creemore as a destination. We feel our green, neighbourly and family friendly village has so much to offer and the Creemore BIA enthusiastically welcomes visitors to our community however they choose to arrive here,” writes BIA president Laurie Severn, on behalf of the board of directors. “To enter our village people drive along Creemore’s streets including Mill, Caroline and Louisa (County Road 9). These roads are primarily residential and the BIA receives multiple complaints annually about the level of noise associated with motorcycle activity from residents living along these corridors and throughout the village.”
“As business owners we appreciate the money these motorcyclists spend, and have no intention of excluding them from our friendly services but we as a board believe actively seeking motorcycle traffic, while the knowing the existing level of annoyance of residents, does not reflect our core value of being good neighbours.
“In order to mitigate the concerns of our community and advocate for residents that have expressed irritation with motorcycles we request Simcoe County and Clearview Recreation and Tourism department excludes Creemore from publications and information specifically targeting motorcyclists.
“Your consideration is appreciated and we look forward to working with both Clearview and Simcoe to attract visitors that align with the marketing strategies of the BIA, knowing we are all best served when decisions are made in conjunction with community members.”
The letter is in response to a tourism initiative by Clearview Township and the County of Simcoe.
“I can’t even express, as a motorcyclist, how offensive I find this letter, how prejudicial… And it leaves me wondering, and very, very deeply concerned about the representation of businesses in Creemore,” said Councillor John Broderick.
BIA council rep Doug McKechnie urged council not to read more into the letter than what is there. He said the BIA recognizes motorcycles will be coming to Creemore, and that this is a benefit to some businesses.
“They sent the letter out of respect for the community because there is some concern from the residents about the noise of the motorcycles,” said Mckechnie. “They don’t want to be involved in any active marketing, as a BIA, as an entity, out of respect for the community.”
Councillor Thom Paterson supported the BIA’s position saying the noise from motorcycles is “beyond tolerable” for many people in Creemore and on the main routes into the village, and regularly prompts resident complaints.
Mayor Doug Measures agreed that he has heard from Creemore residents about noisy vehicles and has been consulting with the OPP about bringing an enforcement initiative called Operation Noise Maker to the area to enforce provincial regulations on stunt driving and noisy mufflers.

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