Clearview bans exotic animals

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Clearview council has passed a bylaw to regulate the keeping of certain animals in the township. 

The gist of the conversation around the council table Monday night was that Clearview does not have an exotic animal bylaw on the books so it may attract people who wish to keep snakes, venomous reptiles, certain birds or a whole other list of animals as pets.  

Bylaw officer Joe Paddock reported he has received several complaints, inquiries and concerns in the recent past about snakes and non-domestic cats.

“I don’t want to see any snakes coming out of anything,” said Councillor Connie Leishman speaking in favour of the bylaw. 

“I won’t go as far to say Clearview is a haven but other municipalities have bylaws and Clearview doesn’t,” said Councillor Shawn Davidson. 

He proposed grandfathering animals that were already residing in the municipality but the idea was trumped by a plan to delay the bylaw, making the new rules come into effect on August 1 and using the next couple of months to roll out a public awareness campaign. 

Residents will have a chance to come forward and register any prohibited animals currently living in the township. Paddock said he doesn’t think it is very likely that people will step forward. 

Councillor Robert Walker said he can see a benefit to knowing what animals live where so that firefighters going into a dark, smoky residents would be aware. 

Towards the end of a very long council meeting Monday things got a little goofy with councillors, staff and press erupting in laughter as Walker told a story about how when he was a firefighter he was startled when a domestic ferret jumped on his back, making everyone shriek and run from the building, ferret in tow. 

A full list of banned animals is attached to the bylaw in the May 7 agenda package posted online at

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