Clearview election 2018: Ward 5 candidates

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We put the following three questions to those running for Ward 5. Please see their numbered responses (in alphabetical order):

1. Traffic and speeding are a common concern for residents. What can be done to improve pedestrian safety?

2. What step would you take to ensure the vitality of the township’s downtowns and commercial nodes?

3. Do you support bringing public transit to Creemore? Why or why not?

Thom Paterson

Hometown: Windsor

Profession: telecommunications engineer, retired

Hobby: Woodworking, cycling, skiing

Favourite destination within Clearview: Mill Street

1. More attention has to be focussed on effective ways to ensure pedestrian safety beyond just measuring traffic activity. The current practice of placing signs that detect and record vehicle speed and volumes does not go far enough unless it’s followed up with concrete safety measures. It’s not enough just to prove or disprove residents’ belief that drivers are speeding. Pedestrian proximity to vehicle traffic, especially that of our children and seniors, should be key factors in identifying where and what effective measures are needed to eliminate potential safety hazards. This would include putting a priority on capital projects like sidewalks adjacent to our parks and senior care homes, such as on George and Mary Streets. Ongoing community engagement is essential in determining the effective use of crosswalks, stop signs and lower posted speed limits as measures that can be deployed to address residents’ safety concerns.

2. Recently, the Township has started to provide financial incentives to improve the building facades of our business owners. It has also partnered with the Stayner Chamber and the Creemore BIA to promote events that bring visitors to our local shops. I support these efforts to re-energize our downtowns as far as they go. They provide short-term benefits for some of our merchants. Much more economic development outreach is needed to attract business investment. It’s not enough to just say we are open for business. Creemore needs a downtown vision and plan that identifies potential new opportunities that leverage the strengths of our existing businesses and promotes the lifestyle advantages of doing business in our village. Furthermore, it should recommend a range of actions from installing better way finding signage to providing overnight accommodations in order to offset weak or missing elements in our local economy. 

3. Public transportation is a necessary service if we want Creemore to become an age friendly community in which our seniors can age in place. It also complements the need to provide broader access to age appropriate services like senior housing in Creemore and expanded youth services outside Creemore. The resident survey conducted this summer can only provide a preliminary indication of whether extension of the bus service to Creemore can start to meet the need for a transportation link to the rest of Clearview and the surrounding area. The pilot service as approved by Council is a necessary step to discover the best practical way to design and implement the final version of the service, including days of operation, time-of-day and desirable destinations. It will be the true test of whether a bus service can be inclusive, affordable and flexible enough to improve life in the village. 

Anthony Sist

Hometown: Toronto

Profession: Construction

Hobby: woodworking, skiing and golf. 

Favourite destination within Clearview: a special spot in Creemore along the Mad River, in my own backyard.

1. I feel the highest concern regarding traffic speeds should be directed at our school zones. I propose to install speed indicator/traffic calming signs in all school zones in Clearview Township. If speeding in these areas continues, then speed humps must be installed. Our children’s safety comes first.

2. The towns and villages of Clearview are our greatest assets. There are many people driving through Clearview each year to play in Collingwood and Wasaga Beach. Directing traffic into our towns and villages with signage and promotion will help our small businesses to prosper and grow. I would like to see more advertising in urban areas promoting Clearview and especially Creemore as a daily destination.

3. I believe that public transportation can be a very important service for our seniors and students. I don’t think an all day service, seven days a week is required, however transportation routes and schedules should conform to the highest needs of the community.

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