Creemore Curling Club standings

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Loranger 2-1-0

McDougall 1-1-1

Steed 1-0-1

Lambert 1-1-0

Martens 1-2-0

Bell 0-1-2

From the Hack: On Monday, Al made some impressive shots to lock up a win for Team Lambert over Team McDougall. Marilyn, the skip of Team Steed, was able to put her super-spares to good use and they secured the win against Team Loranger. Wednesday had Team Loranger bounce back into the win column with a hard fought battle against Team Martens and Team Bell managed another tie, this time against Team McDougall. Good curling everyone!


Fuller 0-0-1

Steed 1-0-0

Ferguson 0-0-1

Brown 1-0-0


Ron Coulter 2-0-0

Gord Fuller 1-0-1

Adam Verstegen 1-1-0

Neil Rowbotham 1-1-0

Dave Millsap 1-0-0

John Millsap 0-0-1

Bill Mcdougall 0-2-0

Paul Crevier 0-2-0

From the Hack:  After the first two weeks of the second draw Ron Coulter continues his record from the last draw and leaves all challengers in his tracks. Not only does Ron continue with an unblemished record this year, last Tuesday evening he and his team of Bill Hewitt (Vice), Brian Wilson (Second) and Richard Millsap (Lead) were able to achieve a rare curling milestone – they scored an eight-ender! Way to go guys and congratulations to Ron Coulter and team.

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