Creemore Curling Club standings

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McDougall   2-1-1

Steed 2-1-1

Loranger 2-2-0

Martens 2-2-0

Bell 1-1-2

Lambert 1-3-0

From the Hack: Monday had Bill, with his excellent draw weight, secure a win for Team McDougall over Team Steed. Also on Monday, both Team Martens and Team Bell forced Teams Lambert and Loranger to retire to the dressing room early, due to their superior play! Good curling everyone!



Lindsay 1-0

Cass 1-0

Crevier 1-0

Fuller 1-0

Meulendyk 0-1

Morby 0-1

McArthur 0-1

Vorstermans 0-0

Bell 0-0

From the Hack: Wintry weather resulted in all games being cancelled on Jan 5 and played havoc with some teams on the 12th.  The second draw is underway with 9 teams vying for the Paul and Karen Crevier Trophy.  Good curling everyone!

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