Creemore Curling Club standings

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Cass 3-0

Crevier 2-1

Bell 2-1

Lindsay 2-1

McArthur 1-1

Neelin 1-1

Fuller 1-1

Meulendyk 0-3

Vorstermans 0-3

From the Hack: The third draw is well underway with nine teams competing for the Creemore Village Pharmacy Trophy.  Team Cass (Brian, Rick Kelly, Rita Madill and Karen Gaudino) is leading the pack with Crevier, Bell and Lindsay hot on their heels! Also, a big thank you to Donna Baylis, Rick Kelly, Al Lambert and Gayle Millsap for taking on the task of teaching the sport of curling to Grade 6 NCPS students!



Lambert 7-1-0

Bell 5-3-0

Martens 5-3-0

Loranger 4-4-0

McDougall 1-6-1

Steed 1-6-1

From the Hack: It seems that Al, the skip of Team Lambert, has been inspired by the recent performances at the Brier. His draw weight and take-outs are like the best of them! Great to see first-timers Mary and Debbie also getting a handle on their draw weight, they’re already looking forward to next year! Good curling everyone!

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