Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie

Crevier 1-0-0

McArthur 1-0-0

Neelin 1-0-0

Madill 1-0-0

Fuller 0-1-0

Cass 0-1-0

Bell 0-1-0 Baylis 0-1-0

From the Hack: The second session is underway and the race is on for the Paul and Karen Crevier Trophy. Top scorers were Teams Crevier (14) and McArthur (10). Good curling everyone!


Team win-loss-tie

Steed 2-1-0

Coulter 2-1-0

Loranger 1-1-1

McDougall 1-1-1

Martens 1-2-0

Bell 1-2-0

From the Hack: So the teams have been shuffled and the next session is now underway. On Monday, Bruce stepped in to fill the skip’s position for Team Bell and impressed with his superb shot-making. They managed a win against Team Martens. All members of Team Steed made their shots which allowed an easy victory over Team Loranger. Wednesday had Teams Coulter, McDougall and Loranger securing wins. Good curling everyone!

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