Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss
Lambert 4-1
Bell 4-1
Coulter 4-1
Loranger 1-4
Martens 1-4
McDougall 1-4
From the hack: On Monday, Team Coulter picked up another win, this time against Team Loranger. Ron managed a sublime shot in the seventh to secure the victory. It was one of those double-angle-raise-tick-in-off-of-take-out-roll-behind-cover-and-stay type shots. Ron says he called that shot… the rest of us have our doubts! Jim, of Team Bell delivered some excellently weighted stones to secure a win over Team Lambert, and congrats to Team McDougall on their first W. On Wednesday all the games were close, with Teams Bell, Coulter and Lambert notching up points in the win column. I’m wondering who’ll supply treats next week, hint, hint! Good curling everyone!

Team win-loss
Baylis 3-0
Crawford 0-3
Millsap 2-1
Walker 1-2
From the hack: Close game of single point ends between teams Baylis and Walker. Nail biter finish down to the last rock thrown. A win by team Millsap with lots of “atta girl” shouts by Skip Gayle. Great job by Abbey and Chantelle stepping up to vice position. Thanks to our spares for coming out and all the ‘getting caught up’ chatter.

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