Creemore Echo launches 2019 subscription drive

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As The Creemore Echo enters into its annual subscription drive, we wish to express our continuing gratitude to our dedicated readers and advertisers.
It is often pointed out to us that this community is stronger because of its newspaper. We don’t mind tooting our own horn here because it is truly a team effort between the staff, residents, businesses and visitors.
When people appear in the pages of The Echo, they are often amazed at the level of feedback they get from readers. It’s a form of local celebrity that takes people by surprise. We call it Echo Fame. It’s a goofy way of illustrating that people are paying attention to what is happening in the community, via the newspaper.
At a time when other newspapers are faltering under pressure from online media, The Echo has stood its ground, offering something readers can’t get anywhere else, a carefully curated selection of news and information that is relevant to the community. We count on you to ensure that relevance remains true.
We strive to make The Creemore Echo as accessible as possible by sending it out in the mail to homes in Creemore and parts of Clearview and Mulmur townships but we also encourage people to take up volunteer subscriptions as a show of support and a way of making sure The Echo is around for the foreseeable future.
In addition to our annual subscription for the low price of $52 per year, which includes an early bird electronic version every Thursday evening, we are also looking for boosters, champions and new this year, patrons. A booster, with a contribution of $75 per year, is a keen promoter of community and the newspaper, someone who wants to give a little extra boost of encouragement. A champion, with a contribution of $100 or more, is someone who champions our mission to share the community’s stories, keep watch over its politicians and celebrate its accomplishments. A patron, with a contribution of $200 or more, is someone who recognizes the profound impact of The Echo.
We will be at the Creemore Farmers’ Market three consecutive Saturdays beginning May 18 to visit and talk up the newspaper so come say hello.
As the campaign progresses, boosters, champions and patrons will see their names in the newspaper as a big thanks for the support.

Booster and champions since January 2019


Elizabeth VanRyn & Bruce Bocking
Rockside Campbell
Ed Christie
Samantha Marjis & Peter Dawe
Inese Bite & Erik Fish
Simon Heath
Linda Herzog
Alan Hibben
Read Hilton
Dr. Paul McCutcheon
Angela McMonagle
Jennifer Peters


Gail & James Cocker
Paulette & Peter Dennis
Rob & Cheryl Douglas
Jennifer Irving
Suzanne Lundstrom
Joanne Rovet
Julie & Ron Roy
Joan Truax

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