DMS Metals expands, acquiring Midwest Metals

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Midwest Metals has been purchased by DMS Metals, going from one family business to another.
DMS Metals had a working relationship with Joan and Donald Gordon at Midwest Metals for about a year, being the end processor for the majority of metals coming in to the Creemore facility.
In that time the two owners started discussing the possibility of selling. The deal closed earlier this month, carrying on operations with little interruption to service and maintaining the 10-person staff.
“The Gordons built a really nice business. They have a great reputation. They have great employees,” said Andrew Gallo.
DMS was started by Nick Gallo under the name of Don Mills Steel and Metals Ltd., and is now managed by sons Andrew and Paul, with a third son, Marc, having recently come onboard full-time.
“The plan is to grow,” said Andrew. “We are all young and ambitious and we have plans to take what our dad started back in 1974 and take it to the next level. I hope this will be the first of many expansions.”
DMS transports metals to its 25-acre facility in Stouffville, where they have a shredder that processes and sorts different metals before being sold to another processor in the recycling loop – foundries, mills, and smelters, where they are melted and made into new products. At the main yard, a staff of more than 30 processes tens of thousands of tonnes of scrap each month, servicing recyclers throughout Canada and the United States. This past year, DMS installed the new metal shredder for mixed metals and non-ferrous processing system for pure metals, to keep up with increases in volumes.
The majority of customers at the Creemore yard are members of the general public looking to sell scrap metals, along with some professional scrap peddlers and fabricators.
“We understand that the customer base is local so we want to work with the community as much as we can,” said Andrew. “Whatever we can do to limit our footprint in the community and facilitate the flow of metals to keep them out of landfills, we’re game.”
He said the metal drop off bins in front are unique to Creemore and he likes the idea, and plans to keep them.
“Speaking with the residents it seems like it’s a good service that the scrapyard provides and we’ll keep that going,” said Andrew.
“I’ve received a really warm welcome so far and I’d like to thank everyone for that. I look forward to continuing on the legacy that the Gordons built and I look forward to meeting more people and hopefully carrying on the positive contribution that they’ve made already.”
DMS Metals is located at 7685 County Road 9.

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