Hawks attack wolves

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On Sunday, Dec. 16, the Creemore Valley Hawks took their offensive talents on the road to play in Shelburne against the Wolves. Have you ever seen a Hawk attack a Wolf? That is exactly what happened in this game from the opening puck drop. Every player on the Creemore team scored a goal including Marin Tamlin who slammed in a rebound for her first career goal. Her celebration afterward was a beauty and showed exactly how happy and excited she was.
Hayden Goodfellow Oster, Thomas Weldon and Keenan Reynolds used their speed and slick moves to leave the opposing players in their dust. Katie Gillespie and Anna Belle Hamilton hustled every shift and played excellent at both ends of the ice. Aliyah Ross Kinghan made her presence felt with a couple of huge crashes into the center boards. Jackson Hutchinson used his powerful shot to move the puck up the ice and blow it past the Shelburne goalie. Reese Fuller played in net and did a great job when forced to make a save. Whatever Cooper Duits had for breakfast gave him extra energy and strength as he potted numerous goals and played his most aggressive game of the season.
Otis Harbec is still wondering why the ref didn’t call a penalty when he thought he was tripped in the corner, upon further review it was either a speed wobble that caused him to go down or he was copying the Montreal Canadiens player diving on TV from the previous night. Maybe the Harbec’s should watch Toronto Maple Leafs games going forward instead!
We have great fans and supporters, especially Joe Hamilton who was feeling a little under the weather but still managed to stay awake for the game, or at least most of it.
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