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Clearview council members were sworn in with pomp and ceremony Monday evening at town hall in Stayner. 

Councillors were paraded into council chambers by piper Tim Armour to greet a standing-room-only crowd of family, friends, supporters and politicians from neighbouring communities. The National Anthem was performed by Ella Baker before councillors took their oath of office. 

The guest of honour was Clearview’s first mayor Carol Currie, elected in 1994. In her remarks she issued a challenge to council, before presenting the newly elected mayor, Doug Measures, the chain of office. 

Currie imparted words of wisdom, advising council members to be good leaders by being strong but also knowing when to back down, to work hard and be decisive. She used a number of analogies and anecdotes to emphasize her message, saying things like “There are a whole bunch of squashed squirrels on the road out there who couldn’t make a decision” and “You can’t lead if no one will follow you”. She also told an amusing story about shovelling pigeon poo out of the old town hall in order to make useable office space – the message being, don’t be afraid to pitch in. 

It was a jovial atmosphere with lots of laughter. After the remarks, council members took their seats around the festively decorated council table and each took a turn addressing the audience. 

Ed Christie, Nottawa’s new representative, opened with gratitude for a successful campaign, saying, “I am looking forward to the new job and I will take it very seriously.”

Doug McKechnie acknowledged Ward 2’s pervious councillor Kevin Elwood for encouraging him to run for the seat. 

“He told me no one ever complains and I have already found out that’s not true,” joked McKechnie.

“We need to shake things up,” he added, more seriously, saying public participation is low. “We need to think outside the box and get bums in those seats.”

To Measures, McKechnie said he is looking forward to being part of his team. 

“You are John Lennon, we are the Beatles. You are Mick Jagger, we are The Stones. You are Diana Ross. We are The Supremes,” he said, much to the delight of onlookers. 

Stayner north’s new councillor John Broderick said, “When I look around this table I see capabilities, and capacity for deep thought,” adding he is excited to see what Clearview can do when they put their minds to it.

Robert Walker, who returns to council for a 28th year, this time acclaimed as Ward 4 councillor, gave kudos to former mayors who have laid the ground work for the coming term. 

Former mayor Ken Ferguson, who was in attendance, was known to say Clearview’s time is now, said Walker.

“Well, Clearview’s time is now,” said Walker. “Clearview is starting to blossom. Clearview is starting to get its own identity.”

Creemore’s representative Thom Paterson, to new councillors, advised them to cherish the time they have on council and to have their priorities straight in terms of time. To former councillors, “To all of you, I’ll miss you. Thank you for your service.”

Measures made a point of recognizing Ward 6 councillor Connie Leishman as the only woman on council. 

“When I stood up last time I said I had a passion for Clearview. Well, that passion has not waned. If anything, it is enhanced,” she said. “This is my new family. We all have strengths. Together, we make up a good council. You are in really good hands.”

“It’s not lost on anyone that I’m the only woman. Dig for your feminine side once in a while, would ya boys?”

New Ward 7 councillor John Lamers said, “I am looking forward to keeping Clearview on track and we have a lot of work to do.”

When it came time for Deputy Mayor Barry Burton to speak he said Clearview has come a long way. 

“We have shown others that while our communities have their own identities we have united as one.”

He thanked his wife Lorraine for her support, echoing other councillors’ comments about the amount that committee work keeps them away from home. Burton said he was musing about it with his wife when she said, it’s nice to have the remote to herself.

Last up, his worship Doug Measures talked about service, partnerships and being good listeners. 

“Let’s work together, get along, have some fun at the end of the day and move this community forward,” he said. 

He told councillors, “You are always on duty… Speak up and share your goals for this community. I respect the office of mayor. It’s not a game but I do like to have a little fun once in a while.”

“My boys have grown up seeing me do this council thing and I’m not sure they understand but I care about this community as much as I care about our family,” he said.

After speeches, council adjourned for photo ops before joining the reception.

Trina Berlo photo: Clearview Township council pose for a photo at their inauguration Monday: Ed Christie (from left), Thom Paterson, John Lamers, Robert Walker, Doug Measures, Barry Burton, Connie Leishman, John Broderick and Doug McKechnie.  


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