Moms have many lessons to teach

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This story is about mothers. 

I have to thank mine. Every so often she pops into my thoughts. 

It is so neat to think of all the things she taught me. 

My mom always believed in making people laugh. I’m not nearly as funny as my mom and sister but I am happy and that is very important. 

She made me do a lot of things but I’m so glad she did because she was a teacher and enforcer. 

I would arrive in the door from school and instantly it was, “Linda please make a chocolate cake and could you please slice the meat and make gravy.” 

Never once did I ever say no. I knew better. 

If she was making tea biscuits or rhubarb pie, I was hanging over her shoulder, learning to do it her way. 

Once I made a white cake and iced it green. I let my Dad taste it. He said it was perfect. It wasn’t. I had forgotten the baking powder and it didn’t rise.

Another time I made a great rhubarb pie, except I added one cup of salt instead of sugar. But you learn with every mistake. 

Recently I was invited to an old fashioned baby shower. Mom Georgi and her daughter Jennifer had a shower at St. John’s Church hall for their daughter and sister Lisa. 

The decorations were lovely, the food was delicious, we played games, gave advice, struggled with contests all with the theme of babies. It is so nice to be with other mothers and friends, all for the same aim to love and support our daughters. The Dad-to-be showed up to enjoy the opening of the gifts and stayed to be centered out with the creation of a ribbon-and-bow hat, which he had to wear. It was fun. I had the pleasure of baking and decorating the cakes and pouring the tea.

Georgi’s daughter-in-law Tania taught her daughter to crochet. Sarah is only nine but imagine her pride presenting Lisa with a baby blanked she had made because her mother is a teacher of love. Both mom and daughter had matching dresses. 

I would like to share some great advice given by my coffee club girls that their mothers taught them: 

Be good to everyone and take no crap where it’s not warranted; 

Everyone is equal regardless of any differences; 

She taught me right from wrong;

Mothers really do know best. 

With love, 

Happy Mother’s Day. 

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