Stow away Robin makes nest on train

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From the Creemore Star, June 26, 1947:

The CNR baggage car on the Beeton and Collingwood branch has a family of non-paying passengers that ride up and down the line every day. The family consists of a mother Robin and her brood of three newly hatched youngsters. The crew on the train are quite interested and real proud of their unusual passengers.

The nest was built on the chassis underneath the body of the car. When first discovered there were four eggs in the nest. A week ago three young robins were hatched and now according to the brakeman the mother flies above the train as it meanders its way along the line. Whenever the train stops she seizes the opportunity to visit her brood with some particle of food and incidentally the youngsters always have their mouths open.

Submitted by Bill Mann, for Happy Bird Day. 

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