Weather, volume creates trash troubles for county

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The County of Simcoe is trying to make up for lost time due to poor weather conditions and heavy volume over the holday, resulting in lots of trash being left at the curb.

Collection was further impacted by Friday’s stormy weather and road closures. The following statement was issued by the county Friday:

Waste collection services continue to be delayed across the county.

Heavy holiday volumes combined with extreme cold temperatures have affected our ability to catch up.

The return of severe cold temperatures negatively impacts the collection vehicles and the safety of collection crews.

Holiday waste volumes and snow covered materials significantly increase the servicing time required for collectors; just an extra 10 seconds at each pick-up location adds up to 2.5 extra hours to each route and increased trips to discharge material also reduces on-route collection time.

Those locations unable to be serviced will receive double collection next week.

Alternatively, up to two bags of household garbage may be delivered to a county waste facility for free until Saturday, Jan. 13.

Thank you for your appreciation of the challenges faced by collection crews and your continued patience as we work to catch-up.

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