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Sher Arnfinson is expanding her home baking line, Simply by Sher, growing from the Creemore Farmers’ Market to a home-based delivery service.

Drawing on her knowledge as a healer, Arnfinson said she takes great care to produce the highest quality baked goods, using the finest locally sourced ingredients.

The Mulmur-based baker is at the Creemore Farmers’ Market for a second year, where she sells her specialities – cakes, cookies, loaves, energy bars and dog cookies.

After 25 years as a shiatsu therapist, Arfinson enrolled in Bake and Pastry Arts at Georgian College in 2020.

Because her son had food allergies, Arnfinson said she has always baked with a healthy focus. She also found that many of her shiatsu clients struggled with chronic conditions and symptoms.

“I wanted to bake things that could help them be healthy and weren’t overloaded with white sugar and GMO flour,” said Arnfinson.

The reason she uses locally sourced ingredients is to ensure synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are not used, and so she can trace their origins. She opts for organic locally sourced flour, all-natural ingredients and no salt – although she boosts the flavour withher signature ingredients, replacing the salt naturally. She says naturally occurring sodium is found in fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and is necessary for optimum health, while table salt, sea salt and Pink Himalayan Salt contains Sodium Chloride, which is toxic to the body.

“I feel it’s important for people to understand why I bake this way and I’d like them to learn to trust the ingredients I put it,” said Arnfinson.

She specializes in carrot, zucchini and banana loaf, fruit cakes, chocolate cake, apple and pineapple upside down cake, and oatmeal cookies. Her chocolate energy bars contain chocolate, honey, almonds, oats, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Her dog cookies are made with her homemade bone broth, ground beef oats/barley, eggs, lentils, kale, calcium and Diatomaceous Earth as a digestive aid, which is all very good for dogs with food sensitivities and allergies. Arnfinson said the bone broth takes awhole day to make using bone marrow and chicken feet.

“It is just loaded, and a good treat for all dogs,” said Arnfinson.

She said the dog cookies are very popular at the market, especially when she offers free samples.

Arnfinson will be distributing her creations via a type of subscription program where people can sign up for a regular box containing baked goods made with seasonal ingredients. For example, a box could contain a loaf, a bread and cookies, which would change each week or month, depending on the schedule.

Arfinson also makes her own health and wellness products. Learn more about her products at Text orders to 416-345-0000. Curbside pick-up and delivery is available. Ingredient substitutions are possible.

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