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Zoning approved for Creemore development, services pending

Council has approved a zoning amendment for low and medium density residential to allow for the future development of single detached dwellings and townhouse units in Creemore.

The plan is to create 57 residential units between the two properties at 111 George St. and 101 Edward St. E., with 27 single detached residential lots, including an existing single detached dwelling, and 30 townhouses. There is also space for a parkland block, servicing and stormwater management, and a road allowance.

With limited sewage capacity available, a recommendation report on the draft plan of subdivision application will not be brought forward until the results of a Master Servicing Plan are available.

Clearview Aviation Business Park looks to expand employment uses

Clearview council has agreed to initiate a new planning process to consider permitting general employment uses at the Clearview Aviation Business Park in addition to the currently permitted aviation related employment uses.

The request from Clearview Aviation Business Park president Remo Niceforo is for Clearview to initiate a community infrastructure and housing accelerator (CIHA) order from the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. This is a new tool enacted by Bill 109, More Homes for Everyone Act, to regulate the use of land. The municipality requesting the CIHA isresponsible for providing public notice and undertaking consultation before the request to the minister is made.

Clearview Aviation Business Park is comprised of three parcels of lands east of the Collingwood Regional Airport. Through an Official Plan amendment approved by council in July 2015, the lands are zoned to permit a number of airport-related uses.

The proponent is required to submit information and application fees and deposits consistent with site-specific Official Plan amendment and Zoning Bylaw amendment applications and be responsible for all consultant and legal fees incurred as a result of the CIHA order request. Staff will be tasked with providing public notice and consultation.

Clearview proceeds with council accessibility reno

Clearview council is proceeding with an accessibility renovation of the council chambers at town hall in Stayner.

The table is situated on a raised dais which creates accessibility and manoeuvrability challenges.

Council has approved $21,000 for architectural design work by Ted Handy and Associates.

Council has budgeted $75,000 for the project. Staff learned in March of 2022 that the municipality is also receiving $99,109 from the 2020 Enabling Accessibility Fund for the renovation of the horseshoe dais and new furniture.

Staff reported that a late funding announcement due to the pandemic and further delays due to changeover in staff have pushed the project to the later half of the two-year project term, which ends on March 27, 2024.

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