Budget talks continue with park plans

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The majority of a second Clearview Township budget workshop held Jan. 19, was dedicated to parks and recreation.

During the two-and-a-half hour meeting, department staff presented planned spending to councillors, who are now tasked with moulding the entire staff proposed budget into something they can present to the public, and ultimately approve.

Director of parks and recreation Terry Vachon is asking council members for continued support for the Eco Park, community garden and Clearview Youth Centre, which has seen an increase in visitors from seven to 10 per day to 30 per day. Vachon reported that staff is looking to lease a new space to accommodate the growth, and is forming partnerships with youth centres in Collingwood and Wasaga Beach.

The $2.5 million parks budget includes phase two of the Stayner Downtown Revitalization Plan ($883,200), a carry over item from 2022.

Clearview parks are also slated for playground equipment with $200,000 earmarked for a new fully accessible playground at the Stayner Arena and the replacement of current playground equipment (including some accessible components in some locations) for all playgrounds in Clearview, in 2023 for an additional $50,000.

The reserve for accessibility renovations for community halls is up to $1,750,000, leaving an estimated $4,250,000 to be borrowed through debenturing. Vachon reported that the tenders for renovations to halls in Avening and Sunnidale Corners – the first two halls on the schedule – would be going out this week.

Community Culture and Tourism Coordinator Amanda Murray reported that the 2022 Small Halls Festival Series resulted in 19 events held between Sept. 10 to Nov. 4, and generating over $30,000 in online ticket sales.

Special events and signature event funding for 2023 is proposed at $55,000, and there is an additional $50,000 set aside for events under economic development.

The workshop also included presentations from planning staff, the building department, the fire department and finance.

At the next stage of budget deliberations council members usually attempt to add and remove items through a set of individual motions, often in an attempt to get the tax increase down, but also to enhance their community.

“Nottawa doesn’t have anything,” said councillor Phyllis Dineen. “You’ve mentioned we can fundraise. Other people haven’t had to… We’re here too.”

“We’ve got work to do,” said John Broderick, who is looking for public access washrooms in New Lowell, preferable at the fire hall and public works building currently under construction.

Other councillors agreed with Broderick that there is “work to do” but withheld comments for the third workshop on Feb. 2.

The proposed $18,576,145 budget is an increase of $1,717,336, once revenue from new growth is factored in, and represents a 9.31 per cent increase. After staff has factored in taxes collected for policing, the county and education, they estimate property owners will face a 5.91 per cent overall increase. That increase would translate to an additional $67.32 per year for every $100,000 of assessment.

2023 Budget

  • Administration $2,554,725
  • Economic Development $168,000
  • Information Services $478,130
  • Fire $2,216,186
  • Bylaw $250,934
  • Public works $8,511,775
  • Parks $2,500,491
  • Library $1,202,950
  • Planning $692,954

The draft budget is not yet available to the public but the staff presentations included the following specifics:

Parks and rec highlights

Stayner Facilities and Parks Capital projects

  • New fully accessible playground Stayner Arena (DC’s/reserves) $200,000 (Reserves $100,000, carry over 2021 $100,000)
  • Resurface Stayner Centre Hall flooring $75,000
  • Replace kitchen hood, stove and • fridges Stayner Arena $30,000
  • Replace Stayner Arena defogger $85,000
  • Resurface Baseball Diamond infield with clay $20,000
  • Replace existing Skateboard Park amenities in Stayner $100,000
  • Replace and repair existing playground equipment $20,000
  • Creemore Facilities and Parks
  • Dressing room hallway flooring Creemore Arena $10,000 carry over • Creemore Arena office roof repair (reserves) $100,000
  • Resurface Community Hall floor (reserves) $100,000
  • Replace and repair existing playground equipment $5,000

Nottawa, New Lowell, Dunedin Facilities and Parks

  • New Lowell – add a roof to existing outdoor rink/event area with LED lights $100,000
  • Replace and repair existing playground equipment $25,000

Eco Park

  • Garden gazebo (fundraising) $10,000
  • Viewing platform at the pond $50,000
  • Swallow habitat $10,000


  • Increase transfer to the Affordable Seniors Housing Reserve – $100,000 
  • Increase to Collingwoood General Marine Hospital reserve – $50,000 
  • Council chambers redesign $125,000
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