Committees reassessed, fail to attract applicants

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The Township of Clearview has been unsuccessful in recruiting volunteer members to sit on the Economic Development Advisory Committee and the Clearview Youth Centre Advisory Committee.

Without enough members both committees will be placed on hold. Council and staff have initiated a review of the terms of reference for the youth centre committee, and will have to decide whether or not to move forward with the economic development committee.

For this new term, the township received two applications for the Economic Development Advisory

Committee from small business owners, not meeting the minimum requirement for the committee.

Based on the current terms of reference, the composition consists of the mayor, one representative of the larger business sector, one business representative of the small business sector, one representative of the Clearview Chamber of Commerce and/or Creemore Business Improvement Area, and one representative of council, together with non-voting members being the CAO and an administrative assistant.

“I think economic development is an important aspect of any municipal government so I hope that we can bring this back in another way,” said Mayor Doug Measures.

Deputy Mayor Paul Van Staveren, who shares the mayor’s interest in economic development and has been a past member of the committee, said after the meeting that he believes council needs to find a definition of what economic development is in Clearview Township.

“In this community we cannot focus strictly on tourism,” said Van Staveren. “If we can’t attract members, let’s re- focus and give them a direction from council.”

He said economic development means different things to different people and all parties need to identify common ground.

The economic development reserve is sitting at $75,000 to fund future initiatives.

Only one application was received for the Clearview Youth Centre Advisory Committee.

The committee is to be composed of members from various youth organizations and local schools within the township, members of the general public, plus two members of council to a maximum of nine members. There is no set minimum.

Clearview Youth Centre is operated by staff and will remain open while the terms of reference are debated.

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