Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie
Millsap 5-2-0
Verstegen 5-2-0
Fuller 4-3-0
Walker 3-4-0
Wilson 2-4-1
Cober 1-5-1
From the Hack: We have one more week before the break and new draw starts. And It’s come right down to the last game, with Team Millsap and Team Verstegen facing off for the title on Tuesday night. Check in next week to see who comes out on top!

Team win-loss-tie
Coulter 11-0-1
Martens 5-4-2   
Bell 5-5-1
McDougall 3-8-0   
Lambert 2-9-0
From the Hack: On Monday, Teams Coulter and McDougall managed wins against Teams Martens and Lambert. Team Bell gave Team Coulter a scare on Wednesday by actually leading in a few ends, but Linda, Marty, Liz and Ron battled back hard, and secured the win in the 8th. Good curling everyone! 

Team win-loss-tie
Millsap 4-3-0
Walker 4-3-0
Crawford 2-2-3
Verstegen 0-4-3
From the Hack: Two close games again this week. Well matched teams Crawford and Verstegen ended the session with another tie. Not to be held scoreless against Team Millsap again, Team Walker challenged them to the last rock. Now tied for first place they will have a rematch in the trophy game next week.

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