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Team                          w      l    t     pts
Fuller                          3       0    0     30
Dave Millsap             2        1   0      20
Cober                          2       1    0      20
Verstegen                   2       1    0      20
Crevier                        1        2    0     10
Walker                         1        2    0     10
John Millsap               1        2     0     10
Flack                             0        3     0      0
From the Hack: Winning teams this week were teams: Dave Millsap, Verstegen, Fuller and Crevier.  
Team                          W   L    T
Loranger                     3    0    2
Martens                      2    2    1
Coulter                        2    2    1
Walker                         1    4    0
From the Hack: On Monday, Ron, the skip of Team Coulter returned after a two game absence, to lift his team to an easy win over Team Walker. On sheet two, Team Martens had a one point lead going into the eighth. Team Loranger had the hammer. Al and Bill landed two stones on the four foot, behind multiple guards. With the hammer, Michael had no choice but to attempt an angled, three stone raise, to try to outcount Team Martens. To his surprise, the shot worked, leaving Team Loranger counting one, and securing a tie! On Wednesday, Liz and Heather were on the broom every shot allowing Team Walker to rack up their first win of this session. Team Loranger managed to dispatch Team Coulter quickly and easily. Good curling everyone!
TEAM            Win     Loss    
Verstegen      2       0        
Walker           2       1
McKay           1       1
Crawford        1       2
Baylis             0       2

From the Hack: Monday night Ladies Curling session was the final tune up before 6 members head to Quebec City for the  5 day “Quebec International Bonspiel”.
On Sheet 1, Vice Millsap had her game face on and Team Walker dominated over Team Crawford. Throughout the game the were frequent utterances of “oh my guard”!
On Sheet 2, Team Baylis was robbed of several scoring opportunities by “take-out queen”, Natalie. On the strength of a 4 point fourth end and 3 points in the seventh, Team McKay celebrated a convincing win.


Team win-loss

McArthur 2-0

Crevier Bye-1

Kelly 1-1

Prosser 0-2

Meulendyk 0-2

Baylis 2-0

Vorstermans Bye plus 1 win

From the Hack: The Mixed League, as of Jan. 13, has Team McArthur, Team Baylis and Team Vorstermans in a three-way tie.   

Friday night mixed curling moved to Wednesday this week with a number of curlers heading off to Quebec for the weekend bonspiel.  Team Kelly defeated Team McArthur.  Team Vorstermans bested Team Baylis and Team Crevier prevailed over Team Prosser. 
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