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Four local artists have been selected to adorn the hoarding around the Creemore Village Green construction site.
The idea is that while the park’s transformation takes place behind the wall, passersby will have the visual of green space as created by local artists. When the project is complete, the artwork will be auctioned off as a fundraiser.
Sue Miller’s piece was the first to go up Tuesday, and will be followed by artwork by Jordan Eveland, Jessica Tamlin and Peter Mitchell.
Miller said her piece entitled “Mad River Melody” created specifically for the Village Green hoarding was a bit of a departure from her latest work. She said her style has been going more toward expressive abstract lately but her painting of the Mad River turned out to be fairly representational, with the riverbank, and vegetation in the background of the glittering water.
“One thing I have leaned in all my years of painting is that you can’t always control it,” said Miller of the style. “It can be its own entity. It sometimes directs you.”
Although she usually works with oils, to ensure its durability, she used exterior latex paint, using big brushes.
Miller said, as a long-time artist working out of Mill Street Art Studio in Creemore, it was nice to be asked to participate in the project.
“It’s easy to feel invisible when you spend every day in your studio and then go home. Especially during a pandemic,” said Miller.
Three other pieces inspired by the green space being created at the park, including the former TD Bank property, will be going up as the project advances. The hoarding was designed by James Bruer and the artists are being coordinated by Liz Eakins, an established member of the Creemore arts scene.
Eakins said she asked local artists with differing styles, who have contributed to the community to participate, for a stipend. The work is meant to beautify the construction site and give exposure to local talent.
The paintings will be auctioned off at a later date. All proceeds will go to the Creemore Community Foundation and will be used to fund the construction of the Village Green and support other activities in the community.

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