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The horrendous fire of the old Sovereign on Dec. 1 was indescribably devastating, as a resident of that charming and old building, and as a community member. My home was gone, my possessions were gone, my life in Creemore felt gone, and life was a blur. The outpouring of support from so many individuals and organizations both emotionally and in actions so often brought me to tears. Thank you to all those who donated clothing, and Reverend Lorna May for assisting and providing the church room. Thank you to the congregation of St. Luke’s for their kindly financial contributions. Thank you to Strandz and Creemore Auto Detailing for arranging clothing donations. Thank you to the Lions Club for their emergency financial assistance so soon after the fire. Many special thanks to Scott LeBlanc for organizing the astonishing Go Fund Me and to all the generous donors. Enough was raised that I am able to contract a company to retrieve, clean or restore the few undamaged family heirlooms, art and clothing from my otherwise unsalvageable home, as well as getting hot water at my cottage where I am currently living.

It is difficult to even put into words how much this means to me. Just knowing there is so much kindness helped me through the darkest times. My everlasting gratitude and affection to a most beautiful community of Creemore.

Jennifer Fielding,
Previously of 157 Mill Street, Apt 5.

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