Christmas tree should be central

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Perhaps I should just let sleeping dogs lie because I know we are all pretty fed up with Village Green issues, arguments and debates.
Perhaps I am a sucker for old movies, for nostalgia, and for Christmas, but when I was told our village Christmas tree was being taken out because it was dying I was sad, but hopeful that perhaps it would be replaced with something grand in a grand space.
When I first moved to Creemore three years ago and attended my first tree lighting ceremony it solidified my reasons for falling in love with this place and these people. I felt like I had just dropped from the sky and into one of those beautiful dorky Christmas movies I have loved my whole life. It was filled with all the spirit, love and joy that brought a community together and it warmed my heart and ignited my Christmas spirit.
I have recently learned however, that our Christmas tree will be neither grand nor in a grand place.
There are no drawings of such a tree in any plans I have seen, there was no mention of such a tree in any of the meetings I have been to and now with the tree lighting ceremony so close, no tree in sight… but rather stuck in back of the Station on the Green like an after thought.
I believe our tree should be prominent in our new Village Green. I believe it should be something seen from the main street, lighting our way and our hearts for the month of December.
Our tree should be something proud and enchanting and a focal point of the Christmas season as a Christmas tree should be.
I understand that this year there may need to be concessions made, but for future, lets get together and try to make it something wonderful for the next and the many years to come. Let’s make our village tree a proud and prominent part of our new gathering place, for our children, our grandchildren and for those of us who are not quite so young, but are young at heart at Christmas.
Thanks for listening.
Sona Sist,

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