Clearview Transit windFAIL

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Upon reading about the $128,000 ‘windfall’ – and that’s the key word ‘windfall’. No annual guarantee of that being sent our way – I’m wondering why Deputy Mayor Barry Burton thinks spending more on a second bus is viable?

Try tweaking the present route to accommodate Creemore. I’ve never understood why the bus routes through Wasaga Sands.

Why is it this council thinks that rural residents are their ATM for another fiscal folly. The present transit system tallies up losses on a daily basis. Twenty-one daily riders? In reality more like 11-15 if you factor in return trips. And with the overly generous new bus passes, I’m assuming most of these riders will be paying far, far less than before.

I find it odd that Muskoka bus routes were cancelled after losing money after six months and with higher ridership than Clearview, yet council wants to double down.

Perhaps to prop up this money-loser, take the $10,000 proposed for the ‘floating bridge’ in the Stayner Sewage Lagoon park and redirect it to the clearing of bus stops in Stayner.

David Witzke,


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