Creemore Springs logo change feels like loss of a friend

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I can remember buying my first six-pack of Creemore Springs beer 20 plus years ago, and have been a fan ever since. 

Who knew that eight years ago, we would move to Creemore and find really great friends, stores, restaurants and the brewery on our doorstep? In the summer, on our porch, drinking Lot 9 in Lot 9 with the neighbours has been a weekend highlight.

Last week I went to pick up some Lot 9 and saw the bizarre “buzzsaw” logo. Gone was the “Springs” from the name and a barely readable Lot 9. This may sound trivial but I feel I have lost a good friend. Guinness is still Guinness, Bass still has the world’s first trademark (1882) with the red triangle still appearing on the bottle, but Creemore Springs is gone. Given that beer sales are falling, you would think keeping faith with existing customers would be important, instead of going after a different crowd who might not like the label either.

Glenn Brown, 

Lot 9, Creemore.

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