Elmvale outshines Clearview in wake of Roxodus

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I’m always impressed and enthused by innovative thinkers and a good example is what has just happened after the cancelling of Roxodus. The media has been promoting the fact that the market at Elmvale has offered all of the vendors impacted by the Roxodus cancellation free space at their market!
The “free” press the community of Elmvale is getting as a place that cares about all sides of this “mess” is amazing and far exceeds what could have been accomplished by purchasing that level of advertising.
Kudos to whomever came up with that offer and put Elmvale and Springwater where Clearview might have been if Roxodus has not failed!
If the ever-expanding Clearview staff devoted to Tourism was performing to the expectations of taxpayers, an offer like this this could have been a great opportunity for Clearview to be front and centre in supporting those involved in this failed venture that would have taken place in Clearview.
Clearview has at least three farmers markets (Creemore, Stayner and New Lowell) that could have initiated the same kind of offer and possibly have increased their product base with some new vendors if the offer was a success.
It’s time that council started looking at exactly what the people hired to improve tourism are doing for this community, maybe they should search out the person from Elmvale generating their offer for a job in Clearview.
In another example of innovative thinking at least one Clearview B&B operator who had a number of spaces booked by Roxodus patrons has already refunded their money (before even being asked). This unprompted action shows private sector concern for those who had chosen to support Clearview through a visit to Roxodus. The result of that action was thanks from the affected Roxodus patrons who were amazed that they did not even have to ask the “innkeeper” for a refund.
Perhaps more action from the mayor, council and the Clearview tourism staff might be in order before everyone in the surrounding municipalities “outshines” Clearview as the place to visit in Central Ontario.
Peter Lomath,

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