Knowing the needs should be first step

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I was astounded that Clearview has announced the spending of over $60,000 on a new website with a company in British Columbia that is three hours behind us in time zone. 

We have many excellent people here that could do the job, if it is needed. 

I was particularly concerned that after announcing the spending they then asked for suggestions about what should be on the site. I have worked for a lot of very large corporate websites for many years and I can tell you that none of them paid for a site and then decided on the content. 

Best practice is to know your needs, and then get a quote for replacement or update to modern standards etc. 

I have written to the mayor and his reply did not address my concerns. I have just written a property tax cheque to Clearview and hope my hard-earned money did not go to B.C. 

This project should be delayed until after the election as it will take a long time to do. 

Glenn Brown, 


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