Long running pizzeria gets third lease on life

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Taking over Pizza Perfect may have been an impromptu decision, but new owner Robbi Grantmyre is feeling really good about it because she has always wanted her own restaurant.
Working her first jobs at the restaurant her mom managed, Grantmyre gained experience in the kitchen going from dishwasher to head cook by the age of 18, before moving onto the floor to serve. She said she has always worked in the restaurant business and discovered Creemore when she took a job at the pub, about five years ago. She and her husband Deejay were living in New Lowell but didn’t know anything about Creemore. Once they got to know the village, they fell in love and decided to move here, along with their two children.
Pizza Perfect has a long history in Creemore. The Affolters opened the restaurant almost 20 years ago. Upon retirement in 2019, the restaurant was taken over by the Karsgaards.
Early this year, Grantmyre started at Pizza Perfect as manager and was surprised when the owners offered her the opportunity to take over the restaurant. She jumped at the chance and a deal was struck in a relatively short window. It was important to her that the longest running pizza joint in Creemore keep its doors open and continue to be a welcoming option for the community.
As someone who appreciates a vintage vibe, Grantmyre is channeling that old fashioned diner feel into the pizzeria. She is planning to keep the current menu, including favourites like breakfast, the five-ounce roadhouse burger and the parkside special pizza (spinach, tomatoes, capers, anchovies and roasted garlic) but there will be some additions. They are offering panzerottis (the deep fried version of the calzone, which is also on the menu), and are working on perfecting a pizza bowl. There are also plans to add meatball subs and veal sandwiches as they evolve.
“We want to continue to be that mom-and-pop fast food place where friends and family can get together,” said Grantmyre. “We have had a lot of support from the town, friends, and family.”
Hours will be changing to stay open until 9 p.m. Watch the Pizza Perfect Diner Facebook page for details. Also watch for announcements about family nights on the third Saturday of each month, featuring a Disney movie.
Visit pizzaperfectcreemore.com.

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