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We just returned from the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph in Creemore, and we feel compelled to comment.

We were touched by the number of people who turned out on a crisp November Sunday morning, particularly the families with young children.

When the speaker began extolling the values for which our veterans fought and died, our hearts swelled with pride at all that Canada stands for. But when he chose to make a dig at the federal government, and their policy of “uncontrolled” immigration, he lost us and many in the crowd.

Remembrance Day ought to be about commemorating those who sacrificed to ensure our freedom and celebrating that ours is a country built on mutual respect. To use the Remembrance Day service as a platform to espouse the sort of populist sentiment that we love to criticize our American neighbours for was utterly inappropriate.

Bonnie MacPherson and Rick Schubert,


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