CB Smith dubbed the $4 baby

These are the words C.B. Smith penned February 15, 1964: My life has been interesting to me with plenty of ups and downs, however, on the whole, it has been rewarding and I have had many blessings for which I am grateful. I never attained so-called wealth but I have always had enough and my [...]

Tutankhamun and the Petun

Separated as they are by over 9,000 km of distance and several thousand years of time, there cannot possibly be any connection between the Pharaoh Tutankhamun who lived in 1332 BC and the Petun Indians of Ontario who lived in the Blue Mountains ca. 1575 to 1650 AD. In 1923, William J. [...]

Time to talk amalgamation

Editor: We know from the last two editions of The Echo and the appearance of early campaign signs and councillor mailings that we must soon endure yet another municipal election.  We already have access through the township website and The Echo to lots of information on all those intending to [...]