Farming, a business of difficult choices

Editor: I’d like to offer a brief reply to Meg Mercer’s rather intemperate comments about dealing with the threat to livestock posed by coyotes. It was not so long ago that humanity was universally expected to perish because its ability to reproduce would one day outpace the earth’s ability to [...]

Candidates wanted

The deadline to file for municipal election is July 27. That’s only two weeks away, folks.  Only two weeks left to gather 25 signatures and declare that you are willing to represent your fellow residents in our democratic system.   It is a thankless job but somebody’s got to do it. Reading [...]

Proud to see Pride flag fly 

Congratulations to Councillor Connie Leishman for speaking up at Clearview’s June 25 council meeting in support of flying the Pride flag. It may have seemed like a lost cause but raising the issue once more has resulted in a July flag-raising.  Kudos to Councillor Doug Measures who was able to [...]

Press identified as Leverless Monona

Editor:  I paid a brief visit to the office of The Creemore Echo in the company of local historian, Chris Raible. During our visit I became interested in the posted photo of The Creemore Star office of bygone days, and was trying to identify the equipment in the photo. The Washington press in [...]

Community gives strength

Julie Pollockʼs address to the NCPS graduating class on behalf of school council:   Good evening to the Class of 2018. Congratulations to each of you.  I’m Julie Pollock, and on behalf of your School Council, I want you to know that we are cheering for you as you go forward with your education [...]

Humans are destructive, not animals

Editor:  Here’s a bad idea… let’s cull coyotes because they’re killing the herds that we plan to kill or maybe just keep around for a while. It’s our livelihood after all to decide when we slaughter them – for money of course. As long as it’s commercially viable, then it makes sense right? But [...]

Bounty could help with coyote problem

Coyote ugly or ugly coyote? It depends on how you look at them.  Coyote populations seem to be on the rise, and that means that more contact with humans and their animals. There is one farmer who has not had a full night’s sleep since his calving started, not because of birthing problems but [...]