Milking the unicorn

After a long dull winter that failed miserably at being cold and snowy, two things that should come naturally to winter, we find ourselves welcoming some sunshine. It is a transitional time of year when we put away the crockpot and snow shovels and haul out the barbecue and rakes. We opt for [...]

No need to worry about Gen Z

Every generation likes to poo-poo the next but it seems as though this newest generation is taking more than its fair share of criticism. Gen Z or iGen, as it is called is defined as those who do not remember September 11, 2001. Anyone who does remember the events of that day is defined as […]

Don’t stand by, stand together

There is a new Pink Flag flying at the Collingwood Library this week as a result of the persistent efforts   of local resident Trevor Henson, a current student at the Adult Learning Center.  On an annual basis Trevor has drawn attention to the issue of bullying and has garnered much support and [...]

Feeling the heat? Spay or neuter

Being a member of the Creemore Cat Ladies I am often asked how many cats are living in colonies. Good question, although we try to keep track of all the comings and goings of the cat clans, it can be as challenging as counting the jellybeans in a quart jar. We look for telling physical […]

Exploring careers through co-op

In my former role as a high school guidance counsellor I would sometimes ask the student, “So what kind of career path are you interested in?” Some were quick to answer, but to be honest, the most common response was usually, “I have no idea!” accompanied by a shoulder shrug and a blank [...]