Creemore in the 1940s: Part 8

Before I end this series I want to describe to some degree, business, and living conditions in the 1940s in and around Creemore. Eighty years ago most people’s, lifestyle was very different from today. The automobile had been around for about 25 years, but was still very primitive, [...]

What difference does a year make?

Well folks, it’s been a long, strange trip from last January, when we started this challenge, to this month. Never in a million years did we expect a pandemic to unfold in real time as we took on this project, and we’re hoping that we are seeing the tail end of COVID-19 as we wrap […]

Home, in the nick of time

Editor: In February 2020, there were rumblings of a virus called COVID-19. Since it was in China, it didn’t seem to concern us. Little did we know. My sister Christa and I had planned our vacation to Naples, Florida and we were going. So, on March 6, we flew south. The first week was sun […]

It’s hip to snip

From 1979 to 2007, at the end of each episode of the Price is Right, Bob Barker notoriously encouraged his viewers to “help control the pet population” by having pets spayed or neutered. His successor, Drew Carey, is carrying on Bob’s legacy by asking the same of his audience. Isn’t it [...]

Creemore in the 1940s: Part 7

Moving south down Mill Street was a garage operated by a Leonard Hill, who had a Pontiac franchise and sold a lot of 1939 Pontiacs. The building was rather dilapidated, having been built originally by Jack Laurence when he sold model T Fords. It was replaced by Nelson Corby in the 1950s but is [...]

If you plant it, they will come

Editor: Many thanks to Laura Walton for writing the great article on the importance of planting native plants. It really is the case of “If you plant it, they will come.” To quote Dr. Jane Goodall, “Each one of us makes a difference. We cannot live through a single day without making an impact [...]