Not my Canadian values

Editor:  We just returned from the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph in Creemore, and we feel compelled to comment. We were touched by the number of people who turned out on a crisp November Sunday morning, particularly the families with young children. When the speaker began extolling [...]

Poem: To a Tree

Recited by author Tim Armour at the Tree Society of Creemore’s Food and Foliage fundraising dinner at Station on Nov. 3. A maple pined that ne’er it might Inspire a poet’s heart to write. A stunted sapling rooted down In shade beneath a forest’s crown. Until one day there came a man With a [...]

Parallels of power: Trump and Hitler

Editor:  It’s interesting to note the many similarities that exist between two megalomaniac dictators, Donald Trump and Hitler: 1. They both sported specific hair identifiers. Hitler, with his square black mustache and Trump, with his scooped forward hair-do. 2. Hitler blamed the Jews for all [...]