Bank vaults had peepholes

The article in last week’s Echo regarding safes, and bank vaults reminded me of probably a little-known safeguard for bank vaults. Most bank buildings had a peephole above the vault door which could be seen from an apartment on the second floor where one of the senior bank employees was [...]

People looking a gift horse in the mouth

Editor: Have been away but keep updated on the TD property via friends and internet. While most people are genuinely excited about the generosity of the TD Bank and the effort by Tony Arrell and Stuart Lazier as they should be, I can’t help but think that there are still a number of people who [...]

Spring is here… or is it?

We took some time off in April after a very busy ski season. It was lovely to get away to Barbados (our first time) and have someone else do all the cooking! Although the house is quiet until the May long weekend, we always try to do our spring cleaning, both inside and out before […]

TD building too valuable

Editor: I agree with Deputy Mayor Barry Burton’s comments in last week’s Echo. The old TD building is too valuable to be demolished for green space. Creemore has sufficient green space with several parks and attractions in the village. The community would benefit if the building was used to [...]