Writer reiterates the missed point

Editor: Evidently I didn’t effectively express my point to MK Lynde, and presumably others. Ironically Sara Sniderhan’s open, honest and introspective letter regarding the Village Green was the message I was trying to transmit. Given the cultural divide in Clearview, which pits the transplanted [...]

Demise of the Catholic Church

Last month this local history column told the story of the Roman Catholic Church just past Sideroad 12/13 on what is now called Fairgrounds Road. Of course, if you look for it today, you won’t see it, only a small cemetery where the church was located. Mass was, for some years, celebrated in [...]

Give us all the information

The decals the province has required gas stations to display are no doubt a pain in the butt, add red tape and threaten hefty fines – all that is definitely true, especially for small businesses. However, if the goal of a carbon tax is to deter people from using fossil fuels, knowing exactly [...]