Wynne Liberals not all bad

In all the excitement of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party leadership race, one name has been repeated over and over and over: Kathleen Wynne. While clambering for the leadership, candidates (including Patrick Brown when he briefly entered the race as his own replacement) agreed that [...]

Communicating with your teenager

“What is your problem anyway?” It’s a question we often ask our teenagers in exasperation. And it is a very good question. Too bad we leave it ʼtil the end of a conversation as we leave the room in anger. Because when we are parenting children and teens it is crucial that we find out […]

New stop signs, really unnecessary

Editor: I’d like to address the recent installation of the new stop signs in Creemore. As written by the Ministry of Transportation, a stop sign is located to help the direction of the right of way. I understand that there was an automatic counter put in place to count the number of [...]

Home, sweet new homes

Anyone new to town may see a new 498-unit development to be built at the corner of County Road 9 and Mary Street as a bit of a shocker but anyone who has been around for a while knows that it is more of a slow burn. The Alliance Homes development ignited the community when […]

Many caring people out there

Editor: I was driving through Mulmur on my way to Collingwood on Thursday night, anxiously looking for a gas station because I had waited far too long to fill up, since noticing back in Brampton that I was getting low. I stopped at the corner store at the intersection of Highway 17 and Airport [...]