Loving versus enabling

When we care for someone, whether it be our spouse, our child, a friend, or an aging parent, we try to take into account their limitations, their preferences, and maybe even their quirks. This is part of being a loving human being. This sentiment extends to caring for and living with people [...]

About ticks and Lyme Disease

by Dr Joann (Jody) Bowle-Evans Tick bites are a problem especially if they are not seen and there is no Bull’s Eye rash because the microbes (bugs) transmitted with a tick bite can, like the syphilitic spirochete, cause early problems, local problems and then late chronic diseases that include [...]

What is a community foundation?

Editor: Creemore Community Foundation. These three words have been tossed around a lot lately as our community grapples with the future of the TD Bank lands. But I think it may be time to take a deep breath and consider what those words actually mean. What is a community foundation? And how [...]

Orchid lives through generations

Editor: This story is about an orchid that is over 24 years old and is so loved and treasured by our family. It all started when my Aunt Audrey moved to Tiny Beaches near Lafontaine in 1995. There was an orchid right next to the driveway in a small flower bed. She had no idea […]

Normal People, anything but simple

What is a normal person or relationship? These are the central questions of Sally Rooney’s second novel Normal People that was nominated for the Booker award. Rooney tells the story of the complex relationship between two small town Irish teenagers Marianne and Connell, who we first meet in [...]

Tough spring for CEO

Spring, what a wonderful time of the year. Spring on the farm starts a whole new set of adventures in motion. From the first calves to hit the ground, to the roaring of tractors making their way to the fields to plant this year’s crops. Well, that’s what is supposed to happen. This spring has [...]