Good riddance TD Bank

Editor: To heck with the TD Bank. I have been banking with them for years and they have made a number of mistakes and mishandlings and always treated me like they were doing me favours and smiling all the while. They tapped me with high fees, low interest rates on deposits and investments, but [...]

Why not – Creemore?

Editor: Cat Flack’s letter suggested that Creemore should take some responsibility for its past actions. It’s a pretty fair message in light of the delayed development projects, the Creemore Inn zoning, and even the opposition to the Creemore Springs expansion. Tough medicine to swallow for [...]

Did we seal our own fate?

Editor: I have been following the letters in the paper concerning the upcoming closure of our one and only bank here in Creemore. All the points made in the letters all have due merit, however, I have to wonder if the bank is not entirely to blame. Think back several years when the proposed [...]

TD focussed on US market

Editor: There is an article in the Financial Post dated Oct. 24 regarding the TD Bank that people might find very interesting. This is in regards to their expansion into the United States. TD is now the eighth biggest US bank by assets. They have spent US $17 billion from 2005-2010 building its [...]