Travel rekindles culinary spark

The Avalon kitchen and B&B have been closed for a while as we have been away on vacation for almost six weeks, since the beginning of April. We have never taken such a long time off before, but a holiday was long overdue and we enjoyed ourselves very much.   We visited Malta first, and […]

Moms have many lessons to teach

This story is about mothers.  I have to thank mine. Every so often she pops into my thoughts.  It is so neat to think of all the things she taught me.  My mom always believed in making people laugh. I’m not nearly as funny as my mom and sister but I am happy and that […]

A road less travelled

Have you ever had a burning desire to chuck it all in and go off on a months long adventure that takes you to some of the most remote parts of the planet, on a bicycle? Neither have I. However, if you are an armchair adventurer, or if you do like to take off to […]

Food for thought

Doug Ford did an about face this week after getting what we can only assume was some pretty clear feedback on the issue of the Greenbelt.  The take-away is that people want growth and prosperity but not at the expense of our most precious resources, food and water.   The leader of the [...]

The last straw

Plastic once seemed like the answer to everything – dream packaging to manufacturers and housewives alike. Durable, portable, fashionable and inexpensive. Tupperware parties were all the rage.  Years ago it became common knowledge that certain plastics were being absorbed into our bodies. [...]

With Pulitzer, comes hope

Just when we can’t stomach any more bad news and headlines that can easily be mistaken as political parody, there is a bright light; a rapper has won the Pulitzer. The news that Kendrick Lamar has won the Pulitzer Prize in music for his album Damn, kinda made everyone check themselves and [...]