Blockbuster bust

Summers bring to mind an image of muggy nights that drive people to the movie theatre in search of some entertainment and air conditioning but things have changed. This summer hasn’t been that hot and even the many people who have air conditioning in their homes haven’t needed it. Those air [...]

Feed the green bin to win

With my backyard composter out of order temporarily I have come to realize just how much organic waste is being diverted from my regular household garbage. I have always used my green bin for dryer lint, paper coffee cups, meat and bones, and whatever else could attract animals to my backyard, [...]

Protect your stuff, and others’

Creemore is usually a quiet and peaceful village but it has its fair share of vandals and mischiefs. There are times when public property is defaced or stolen and it’s always hard to know how to deal with it. Giving these incidents too much media coverage can exacerbate the situation but it is [...]

Communication strategy needed

There have been a few issues discussed at the council table recently that have left residents feeling blindsided by the municipality, leaving us to believe Clearview council should consider developing a communications strategy. A clear communication plan can go a long way to helping people [...]

Book review: Prussian Blue

How do you fight crime and solve murders when the people you are working for are in fact criminals and murderers? That is the dilemma faced by Bernie Gunther, a homicide detective working in Nazi Germany. Gunther is the creation of writer Philip Kerr, and has appeared in 12 novels to date. The [...]