Community shines during dark times

As the reality of pandemic life sets in and the shock begins to wear off, people are looking for small ways to connect with their community, without any physical contact. Blessed technology is helping people share ideas for how to safely partake in community activities, in order to entertain [...]

Next week critical, stay home

Editor: Apparently the message to self-isolate isn’t always being heeded by those who are returning from their travels. We hear about individuals who claim they feel fine, and therefore don’t feel the obligation to spend the recommended 14 days in isolation. For the village of Creemore, where [...]

It’s feast or famine

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked our community, and every community across the globe. One side effect of the shutdown is that is has created a kind of feast or famine culture, although the feast doesn’t bring much satisfaction. The majority of the population can be divided into two categories [...]

Assumptions made about vegan

Editor: In response to the March 13 letter to the editor, Animals treated with care and respect, p. 4. I’d like to thank Eric Miller for writing into the paper regarding The Creemore Refillery’s vegan household products. It reminded me that the assumptions around the word “vegan” are very [...]

Gardens improve food security

Editor: Now, more than ever, you need to be thinking of food security. Here is another one of my letters urging you to have a vegetable garden. Or you can have a container garden. It is too soon of course to start sowing seeds but you can get ready. If you still shop for groceries […]