Significant power in the old logo

Editor: By the time this is read St. Patrick’s Day will have passed on after enduring heavy heated discussion in dispute over the brand changing of Creemore Springs Beer. An interesting anecdote as to  the influence of a historical beer logo occurred with the most Irish of beers, Guinness, [...]

Potholes, same story every spring

Editor: As a resident of Clearview living on Lavender Hill Road, this is what we are faced with every spring. It takes weeks of precarious driving on a pothole-filled road before the township grades it for a temporary fix. Why can’t this road be amended to sustain traffic for longer than a week [...]

Looking back: Creemore’s gun chase

by Jack Heslip  On Tuesday, April 30, 1974, a bizarre occurrence took place in Creemore that could out-do some of the television shoot-outs seen on our home screens. In fact, it might have some of the aspects of the Marshall Dillon show, and featuring his deputy, Chester.  It seems a stranger [...]

Avening Astros roll again

This past Saturday evening was one full of fun and laughter. A good group of friends, people who have been friends for over 35 years got together at the Avening bowlarama for a challenging game of five-pin bowling. Challenging in the fact that age had started to make knees and backs ache, not [...]