Ask the Money Lady: Credit card debt

My New Year’s resolution is to get my finances in order, but I have a lot of credit card debt and I don’t know what to do to get it under control. Should I declare bankruptcy? I am worried this will make things even worse, any ideas? Sincerely, Julie (Drowning in Credit Cards) Dear Drowning! [...]

Cancel EQAO to save money

As teacher strike action escalates and the Grade 9 EQAO standardized test approaches, Ontario’s Education Minister Stephen Lecce is leaving it up to individual school boards to decide if they wish to delay the test. This is because high school teachers have included EQAO testing in their [...]

Stay secure in 2020

We often hear from our readers about potential scams that may put people in the community at risk. They hope by sharing the information it will enforce people’s vigilance so that they do not fall victim and lose money or personal information. Colleen Stamp is reporting a scam, similar to that [...]

Schools on the Eighth Line

As promised earlier I plan to continue writing about life on the Eighth Line south of the village of Glen Huron in earlier days. Schools were very important to the earlier settlers. In many cases schooling had been denied to the poverty stricken people of Great Britain who fled across the [...]

Pictures of Christmases past

During the winters my father got up early every morning to start the fire that had gone out in the kitchen stove and to restoke the living-room heater, that, if the night had been especially freezing, he had already fed a number of times. Then into his outdoor gear and away to the barn, [...]