Proud to be called a female

Editor:  Re: Editorial, “Reclaim the word female”, Jan. 11 edition, pg. 4. Good day to all. Sixteen-year-old female student Yael here, writing to you from the kitchen.  I felt it was necessary to introduce myself as such since the name I was given isn’t really clear as to being feminine or [...]

Reclaim the word ‘female’

Newsweek recently tweeted the headline, “Donald Trump branded a motherf***er for second time in three days, this time by Canada’s first woman prime minister.”  The story was about comments made by Kim Campbell.  As packed as that headline is, the take-away shouldn’t have been the use of woman [...]

RAY’s Place celebrates with students

To accommodate the growing number of scholarship and bursary winners, this year’s RAY’s Place holiday reception was held at the Creemore Branch of the Canadian Legion – with kudos to the Legion members who did a superb catering job.  There are currently 12 university students receiving RAY’s [...]