Sloppy sidewalks make for tough travels

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Is there anything more frustrating than poorly maintained sidewalks in the winter? Is Creemore’s snow clearing machine capable of safely clearing snow?

This winter I have seen the struggles of small children from Teddy Bears Picnic, tourists visiting the area, parents with strollers, and yesterday a gentleman with a walker on the main street.

I contacted Clearview Township and was told “the staff continues to maintain the sidewalks as best they can and hopefully they will be cleared with the mild temperature coming!”

They also suggested that if anyone finds the sidewalks difficult they should call the Township at 705-428-6230.

I hope that you and the business community will phone and register this concern. Is it fair to force us to walk on the roads and compete with cars, trucks and snowmobiles?

Please consider phoning the Township now and voicing your opinion. Safe walking!

Norah Mills,


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