Surprised there is still opposition to TD bank project

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I have had the good fortune of spending my winters in Florida where the weather certainly is lovely; however the politics are terrible, the gun violence absurdly horrific and the lack of trust and the general fearfulness is unnerving and sad.
So, when I return to this beautiful village, it is with great joy and positive anticipation of what the summer months will bring. I am always curious to see what has changed in the village and my first question this year was ‘what is happening with the TD Bank’.
The last I knew (and many articles seem to confirm this) there was an approved plan to demolish the building and expand the green space creating a larger gathering place for people to enjoy our gardens, meet friends new and old; in a sense creating a ‘town square’ for residents and visitors. And that the land was a gift from TD. Imagine that… a gift! Not only that, other extremely generous supporters will ensure funds are available for the upkeep and administrative requirements to ensure the objectives are met for years to come.
However, after catching up with friends and past Echos, I am so surprised to hear that there is still opposition to the project. Some say the bank building is too valuable to be demolished and should instead be used for another commercial enterprise, but when I walk down Mill Street, I always see too many vacant buildings, suggesting the argument that we need additional commercial space isn’t a valid one. The bank building itself (even though a structurally sound building) certainly does not architecturally suit the ‘village’. The other argument about loss of tax revenue from one building is very short sighted given the infusion of such a large capital investment this project brings to the whole community.
So, when the world is clamoring for more open green space and many longing for slower paced living, here we have this wonderful opportunity to provide just that! What a luxury for us all!
And… Having just returned from the ‘land of the individual; bar the door Nellie and lock it behind you, mentality’, I have to say that anything that adds to and encourages a strong, inclusive community spirit would be most welcome. Too many communities in Ontario have lost their core; we have a wonderful opportunity to expand ours. How unusual!
I always crow about the uniqueness of Creemore to my neighbours in Florida; what a wonderfully supportive place it has been to me and, for what it is worth, I am praying this project moves ahead as proposed. I can just imagine how beautiful it will be!
Marilyn Badger,

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