Village Green is opportunity for positive change

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I am saddened and frustrated by the letters in the Echo that continue to critique the TD lands proposal for what it is not. It is not a vast English village green though it can accommodate 300 people. From my viewing there are spaces for quiet seating. The beautiful work of our Horticultural society will be displayed around the station. There is a covered stage so that bands like the Delta Sugar can play safely when it rains and we can watch without being lined down Mill St. It thoughtfully addresses the heritage of the village. The entire project does not burden taxpayers and a fund is being raised for ongoing maintenance. Yes, it is change and that can be scary. What am I missing? I fear we may be missing an opportunity for positive change that will truly enhance our community.
Eric King,

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  • Patricia Cleary Clark

    The concept of Village Green is a beautiful idea however it cannot be created in a vacuum. The plan also has impact to Creemore’s beloved bronze statue, fountain and our community hall, Station on the Green.
    We also must consider the street scape as it currently exists, with empty lots right across the street.
    I believe a larger “urban plan” for the future development of Mill Street needs to be addressed by Township.
    If we could expand on the Village Green vision to include the surrounding area and future development for multi unit dwellings, possibly a retail on ground level it may be a true “Green” focused project for the community.

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