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Evidently I didn’t effectively express my point to MK Lynde, and presumably others.
Ironically Sara Sniderhan’s open, honest and introspective letter regarding the Village Green was the message I was trying to transmit.
Given the cultural divide in Clearview, which pits the transplanted urban organic purist against the local farmer who is adapting science and technology to his/her traditional methods, coupled with the general polarization of attitudes into ideological silos, mutual respect is the most obvious mechanism to counteract the notion of the “other.”
My wife cycles and shares the road with combines and tractors. We buy New Farm greens (albeit in plastic containers!) I’ve read and enjoyed Brent Preston’s book.
Metaphorical “cidiots” (by definition I am a member) is a term that is often expressed in a humourous vein.
My point was that with a little (evidence based) learning and self awareness, we can reexamine our biases and gain respect for each other and help bridge the cultural divide.
Thank you, Sara.
Dan Watkin,

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