Council proceeds with Stayner revitalization plan

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Clearview council has accepted a proposal from Stefan Bolliger Associates Inc. Landscape Architects for the redevelopment of a Downtown Open Space (Amenities) Improvement Plan known as the Station Park/Gideon Street Redevelopment in Stayner.

The $24,337.50 fee was one of two comparable quotes received.

The plan will identify, prioritize and provide an implementation strategy for the phased improvement of publicly owned lands in Stayner’s downtown core.

Station Park, Gideon Street around town hall and the rail trail connecting to the downtown and over to Kinsmen Park.

The original concept, approved by council in 2015, included the closure of Gideon Street to vehicular traffic to make room for buildings and park space, a town square, possibly with a splash pad in the summer and skating in the winter, improvements to the intersection of Highway 26 and Huron Street to make it more pedestrian friendly and enhance trail access, a renovated visitor centre and a multi-purpose area for events and farmers’ market.

Clearview Township’s director of community services Mara Burton said of the plans developed in-house, staff will wait and see what the landscape architects propose for the road closure.

“We really want to talk to the professionals about that and see, maybe they will have some other ideas or maybe that will be the thing to do. We don’t really know,” said Burton. “We started with a concept so they have something to jump off of but I don’t want to presume what he may suggest.”

The plans are expected to come back to council and staff sometime in the New Year.

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