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Not far from Singhampton, tucked back from the highway, deep in the woods there is a whimsical sculpture forest to explore.
Over three years, since moving to the home, sculptor Marion Bartlett has created more than 20 pieces which line a winding trail through the three acre wood she owns with her partner Rick Bino.
Bartlett works in the art studio above the garage, where her pottery and Bino’s woodworking are sold. Bartlett also works in wood, concrete, bronze and other materials.
The pieces in the sculpture forest are large and playful – a suspended fish swimming amongst the trees, a man slumbering under a turf blanket and a fairy watching from above.
Bartlett’s newest creation named Joy is a larger than life woman moving jubilantly through the woods, arms outstretched. The seven-foot woman is carved out of high density Styrofoam and covered in concrete.
Bartlett said she was inspired by the idea of forest bathing, something that has been practiced in Japan for decades and has gained popularity elsewhere in the world.
It’s about taking in clean air, enjoying the peace and tranquility, she said.
Bartlett was born in Holland and grew up in Toronto but enjoyed many family camping trips and cottage life, as a way of communing with nature.
“We take it for granted here,” said Bartlett.
“She is a celebration of nature,” she said, referring to Joy as a symbol of Mother Nature. Her head is skyward, her hair blowing back, at one with the elements.
The official unveiling of Joy is from noon to 5 p.m. on both Friday, Sept. 6 and Saturday, Sept. 7. The Singhampton Sculpture Forest is located at 124 Lakeview Rd., off Grey Road 4. Visit www.studio124.ca for information and directions.

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