Council hopes to redirect trail funds after Dunedin says no thanks

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Clearview council says it has heard a clear message from those who have spoken out against a plan to construct a trail at the park in Dunedin.
Staff is now trying to determine of the Simcoe County Connecting Communities grant money earmarked for the Dunedin trail can be redirected to another community.
The township received $10,000 from the County of Simcoe, which it was matching with another $10,000, to construct a 304.2 metre trail with limestone screenings that would go through the centre of the park off County Road 9.
Councillor Doug McKechnie said the plan was put in place with good intentions but council has received a clear opposition from the community.
McKechnie said the residents who oppose the trail want to keep the park as a local park and don’t want any additions that will attract visitors.
“I think it’s wrong and I’m choosing my words carefully here,” said McKechnie. “They do not want any improvements to it that would entice other people to come and use that park.”
“The councillor is being very polite but the reality is they were very passionate about wanting to keep the park as a local park and I understand their concern and it was a difficult discussion… it was very heated,” said Mayor Doug Measures.
They object to any signage that would indicate there is a park there.
“It is perhaps the wrong decision but it is also the will of what the public is looking for in that particular neighbourhood of our community,” said Measures.
Councillor Thom Paterson said he appreciates all sides and understands that sometimes parks create a nuisance for neighbours.
Measures said his message was clear, that no park is private.
“Staff had good intentions, we as council did too regarding putting the trail in but we are sensitive to their concerns, to the community so I think this will end properly so I’m happy with the result here, that staff bring something back to us,” said McKechnie.

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