Stayner LTC build depends on DC break

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Jarlette Health Services is asking Clearview Township for a break on development charges (DCs) as it moves through the planning process for a multi-phased Continuum Care Facility in Stayner.
“I truly am saddened to say that without a resolution we would need to revisit our options. We want to develop here but we need your support, said chief operating officer Julia King.
Council approved a zoning amendment for a six-acre property at 7044 Highway 26 (across from the emergency hub) from a Development Area Zone to Institutional Residential last year to accommodate the proposed build.
King said COVID-19 highlighted the need for aging long-term care homes to be redeveloped and the new facility will meet current requirements.
While Stayner Care Centre currently has 370 square feet of space per resident, the new 96-bed home will have 740 square feet per resident for a total of 72,000 square feet dedicated to the long-term care facility, with an option to add a 110,000 square foot retirement lodge, and apartments totalling 20,000 square feet. All told, it is possible the capacity of the new facility could have a total long-term care capacity of 128 residents.
“The services that DCs support are not utilized by our residents, such as parks, trails, arenas and libraries,” said King. “Our residents typically don’t drive.”
She said long term care provides care and services in a congregate setting such as hospitals do and hospitals are exempt, as are homes for the aged.
Jarlette is asking that the municipality transfer the credit for development charges for the existing 49 bed Stayner Care Centre to the redeveloped home, reducing the development charges by approximately 50 per cent, leaving development charges to be applicable solely on the 47 new beds being developed.
Plus a further reduction as allowed in the development charge bylaw for “uses with a significant community benefit” and an exemption for “Industrial use developments creating jobs.
Council directed staff to report back with strategies for reducing the development charges for the project and exact costs.

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