The gift of Creemore Village Green

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On Saturday, August 20, Creemore received two gifts. The first, and most obvious, was the grand opening of our beautiful Creemore Village Green. Four years ago this project was simply a seed of an idea. Last Saturday, the community celebrated the opening of this long-awaited, beautiful public space.

The second, less obvious gift, was the gift of true philanthropy. When TD Bank closed the Creemore branch in 2018, Stuart Lazier and Tony Arrell saw a unique opportunity. Together they created the

Creemore Community Foundation and worked tirelessly and selflessly to develop this legacy project for the benefit of our entire community.

You’ll note this space isn’t called Arrell-Lazier Park, or Stuart and Tony’s Green Space, or the Creemore Community Foundation Green. In this age where money buys naming rights, Stuart and Tony opted instead for philanthropy in its truest sense.

And for that, we thank both of these gentlemen.

Christine and Ron March,

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