Hearts for Claire

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Ayrlie MacEachern has created an opportunity for people to send best wishes to Claire Adams, who was injured in a collision on August 8.

MacEachern has left paper hearts at Lagom 172 (where Adams was working), which she will stitch together to make a garland. People of all ages are invited to write a message, a word or a doodle on the hearts make from upcycled watercolour paper that is blank on one side and was been painted by children on the other decades ago.

Adams was extracted from her vehicle after a collision at County Road 91 and Fairgrounds Road, and was airlifted to hospital.

She is now in rehab and is improving daily.

MacEachern said she wanted to do something to support Adams and her family, and because she is crafty and loves the heart symbol, she came up with this idea.

“It’s about spreading the love, and building the prayers,” said MacEachern. “Even though most of us can’t be with Claire, or see her, we can have her in our prayers and in our thoughts.”

The hearts will be available through next week.

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