Conservative… Really?

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Our MPP, Brian Saunderson, might be among the gang that rammed through the legislation on Bill 23. Saunderson and his fellow Conservatives enacted the Bill with consultation limited only to the small coven of developers who stood to gain massive profits from developing the Ontario Greenbelt.

Brian, your party has lost the right to call yourselves Conservative.

A Conservative would place a high value on preserving arable lands for agriculture and wetlands for water retention and recycling. Also, a Conservative recognizes that protecting any of the 873 critically imperilled Canadian species under his care is a God given imperative that cannot be violated.

It’s time to step up, Brian, and be accountable.

More than 200 of your concerned constituents visited your office last Saturday and you were nowhere to be found. That is unacceptable. Hold a meeting, issue a letter or attend our local council meeting in Stayner and explain your actions. Failing that, leave the Conservative party and join the “Vested Interest” Party with Doug Ford.

Ted McGovern,


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