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Following the success of the holiday food drive, Creemore Foodland is donating $3,593 to St. Luke’s Community Food Bank.

Foodland owner Sim Spry said the community was very generous during the holiday drive, and with matching funds from Foodland, the store has been able to supply the food bank with the funds raised in $50 gift cards.

Food bank coordinator Rev. Lorna May said the gift cards are an ideal way for people to get the food they need for their households, including fresh fruit and vegetables, and dairy products.

It is the food bank’s mission to support a balanced healthy diet for its users, as opposed to a diet of canned and processed foods typical of traditional food banks.

Further to the gift cards, St. Luke’s Community Food Bank is supported through the Second Harvest program to supply surplus meat and bakery products.

Second Harvest works with food businesses across the supply chain, including producers, distributors, retailers, hotels, and restaurants to collect surplus food and supply it to charities and non-profit organizations large and small, like St. Luke’s Community Food Bank.

Unsold food still fit for consumption is frozen and redirected to the food bank through the Second Harvest app, getting it to those in need and diverting it from the landfill.

The team also collects surplus product from other local businesses to add to their Friday deliveries.

Individuals or businesses with food to offer, including garden produce, or anyone in need of food is encouraged to call Lorna May at 705-352-2759 or leave a message at the church, 705- 466-2206.

Foodland is planning a brown paper bag food drive this month to supply the food bank with specific items, and gift cards are always available for purchase at the check-out.

Trina Berlo photo: St. Luke’s Community Food Bank team members Rev. Lorna May (from left) and Ross Lotto collect $3,593 in gift cards from Creemore Foodland proprietors Sim and Ashley Spy.

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