Who will be the brain of the ball?

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The masterminds behind the Duntroon Hall’s Know-it-All Ball are working to ensure this year’s event is better than ever.

The trivia night has been a marquee event for Duntroon Hall since 2004, with all proceeds going towards maintenance and future improvements at the volunteer-run community hall.

For those who have yet to attend, the brain-buster event is one of friendly competition designed to test people’s general knowledge in a range of topics. Team tables are laden with snacks brought from home and beverages from the bar.

Hall volunteer Jim Campbell said this year’s event will include some new features but will also include all the traditional favourites.

Participants will be challenged with 80 questions, all custom crafted for the event. They will be categorized by “ministry,” some real and some fiction, including the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Local Lore.

There will be music questions, a lightning round, and the main brain drain, when each team sends one brainiac to the stage to answer a round of questions without the support of their team.

Because the event is happening on April 1, there will also be a special April Fool’s bonus question.

“Diversity of knowledge will be a strength,” Campbell offers as advice. Awards will be handed out in each trivia category and recognition will also go to the best themed table, so get creative.

Teams are seated at tables of up to eight people but singles and small groups are welcome. Cost of admission is $10 per person. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and trivia starts at 7:30 p.m. Cash bar. To reserve a spot in advance, email theduntroonhall@ gmail.com.

File photo: Jim Kinnear dons the coveted “cervical crown” of the brain drain, a highlight of Duntroon Hall’s Know-it-All Ball, in 2016.

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