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Thirteen Clearview Township employees have made the 2022 Sunshine List.

The list is released to the public each spring as required by law under the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act and reveals the annual salaries and taxable benefits of public sector employees who earn $100,000 or more.

  • CAO John Ferguson $179,532.72;
  • Director of Public Works Mike Rawn $138,435.92;
  • Treasurer Kelly McDonald $131,324.90;
  • Public Works Manager Todd Patton $122,913.58;
  • Deputy Director of Public Works Dan Perreault $121,939.09;
  • General Manager, Parks, Culture & Recreation Terry Vachon $121,886.09;
  • Former Fire Chief Roree Payment $121,589.09;
  • Former Director of Community Services Mara Burton $119,696.23;
  • Director of Human Resources Tammy Gill $113,818.74;
  • Library CEO Jennifer La Chapelle $111,514.69;
  • Chief Building Official Scott McLeod $111,514.69;
  • Deputy Fire Chief (now acting fire chief) Scott Davison $105,688.52;
  • Deputy Treasurer Ron Mather $101,649.10.

Three Township of Mulmur employees made the list.

  • Mulmur CAO Tracey Atkinson $146,503.24;
  • Treasurer Heather Boston $112,615.19;
  • Director of Public Works John Willmetts $112,615.19.
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