Service men and woman stand on guard for thee

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As reported earlier in The Creemore Echo, the Legion hosted 250 veterans at a recognition dinner on April 29, 2023. The event evoked thanks from the veterans and a level of appreciation they must feel infrequently.

What about Canada’s commitment to its veterans? Many return home with illnesses such as Post Traumatic Stress and other afflictions resulting from physical and mental assaults. Many of the sights they have seen never make the media nor register with us. Yet there are the reportedly limited benefits and treatments afforded these men and women when they return home in worse condition than when they left.

So, when you sing the words “We Stand on Guard for Thee,” please ask yourself, who stands on guard? Is it me, my friends, my MP or MPP? One thing is for certain. Our service men and women stand on guard for you, me, and our families. That is why we hold dinners to honour them.

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