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There’s a new graphic artist in town and she wants to work with local small businesses and not for profits.

Lily Lapchuck moved to Creemore last June. Her business, Picalily Design, offers a range of services including product and package design, brochures, direct mail, logos, branding and social media management.

Lapchuck says if your small business can’t afford the services of a traditional advertising agency, she wants to talk to you.

Prior to studying graphic design Lapchuk was an office manager, and knows too well how overwhelming the task of maintaining a social media presence can be.

Just deciding which platforms are most appropriate can be daunting. She helps clients define their target market, what they are trying to sell and where to best connect with the people they are trying to reach.

Lapchuck studied at the Academy of Design and Technology (now part of York University) 20 years ago. Her first job after graduation was with Sullivan Entertainment where she designed DVD covers for shows like Road to Avonlea. Since then, she hasamassed an impressive portfolio and continues to work remotely for many larger clients, and design monthly magazines which are published all over North America.

Having grown up in Toronto’s active Finnish community, Lapchuck is fluent in the language, and holds dual Finnish/Canadian citizenship. When Vetta Nordic Spa at Horseshoe Valley was in the construction phase, she consulted on menus, names, and boutique products to ensure an authentically Finnish spa experience.


Lapchuk says even if you can’t afford to have someone take care of social media for you, she can teach you to do it for yourself. One-on-one coaching sessions, either in- person or via Zoom, cover topics such as social media marketing strategy, content creation, online tools and any specific concerns of your business. Her goal, she says, is to work together to create something good. Currently she is developing a new website for renowned miniature artist Ingrid Hunt. Hunt is semi-retired and not selling much online these days but still wants to have a professional online presence.She is also doing some work on behalf of the Purple Hills Arts and Heritage Society. Neither project is going to make her rich, but Lapchuck says the entire community benefits when small businesses prosper so she wants to do her part.

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