Without Phil there would be no Creemore Echo

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I was saddened to read of the passing of Phil Stevenson, my former partner and co-founder of The Creeemore Echo.

Given the glorious state of the current Echo it is easy to forget that the paper started out as a four- page newsletter back in April 2001. And it’s thanks to Phil’s understanding of computer systems and his uncanny ability to cobble together used and discarded pieces of equipment that we were able to produce those four pages every week. Simply put: without Phil there would have been no Echo.

As with most partners, Phil and I did not always agree on everything, but we shared a clear vision that guided us from those early days: that Creemore was a special community, that it deserved a newspaper to continue a longstanding tradition, and that the newspaper should become the hub of the community.

Thanks to Sara and all The Echo staffers that followed, that vision has become a reality.

Craig Simpson,

Lancaster, PA.

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