Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie

Crawford 1-0-0

Millsap 1-0-0

Walker 1-0-0

McKay 0-1-1

Neelin 0-0-1

Verstegen 0-1-0

From the Hack: This week was a contrasting experience in our two curling games.

McKay and Neelin started with Neelin maintaining a lead for most of the game. The McKay team never gave up and the game intensified with them stealing a point in the last end to tie the game.

The other Sheet was Crawford and Walker. Abbey returning from a four-year maternity leave was a key role in the Crawford win. The Walker team had great strategy, and came up short in the challenges of shot precision. Great curling ladies. 



Team win-loss-tie-points 

Cober 3-0-0-30

Verstegen 2-0-0-20

Dave Millsap 2-1-0-20

Fuller 2-1-0-20

Sauder 0-2-0-0

Neelin 0-2-0-0

Walker 0-3-0-0

From the Hack: Team win-loss-tie Winning teams this week were teams:  Cober, Fuller and Dave Millsap. 50/50 winner was Ed Stephens. 



Team win-loss-tie

Coulter 4-1-0

Lambert 4-1-1

Bell 4-2-0

Loranger 3-3-0

Martens 1-4-1

McDougall 0-5-0

From the Hack: Jim, skip, and Marian, vice, of Team Bell, managed a win in a close game versus Team Loranger, on Monday morning. Liz, Joan and Marie tried their best against Team Coulter, but fell short in the last end. 

Then on Wednesday, Team Lambert handed Team Bell their second loss of the session with some fine takeout shots, and Team Loranger beat Team Martens, thanks to the great guards provided by Mary, each end.

Thanks to Joan and Karen who provided the treats this week. Good curling everyone!



After two weeks of curling the Crevier, Fuller and Cass teams are leading in the standings with great curling from all. We welcome back all members and welcome new members who have joined our Creemore Club. For the 1st session, teams are competing for the Steed family trophy. Good luck to all!  A big shout out to our ice makers and all the behind scene executives. 

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